Ian Hatcher

Let's look at flower

You never wanted to hear this. It is
somewhere unimaginable, light streaming through every inch of your being.

I too have seen illustrious girls circulating peacefully.
Their lucid bodies moving home, opening up in the night
According to physics , this is a sign from higher powers that you don't know me from Adam

My sins committed in the tunnel of fantasy eats away at my sanity.

Opening Sources is an internet poem written continuously by anonymous authors. You may click any word and alter it to whatever else you'd prefer. Your changes will appear instantly to anyone else with the site open and be visible to subsequent readers.

You are encouraged to try to "improve" the poem you found here. What this might mean is up to you.

The writing process began in April 2008. Edits are not monitored for content or logged. Once overwritten, previous versions of the poem disappear forever.

On occasions this poem is read live as a performance. In these events, the poem is projected on a screen and the audience is invited to edit the text while it is read aloud repeatedly. A loop of feedback forms as the audience takes uncertain control over its collective voice.

— Ian Hatcher / ianhatcher.net